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Pod Landscapes – Grounds Maintenance

Smart, attractive grounds deliver a great first impression. No matter what time of year it is or what the weather’s been doing, our grounds maintenance services keep things visually impressive, tidy and under control – creating a pleasant environment for your staff, customers, guests … or simply the general public.

A tailored approach

We provide professional grounds maintenance services to a range of clients in many industries and sectors, from business and retail parks to schools, hotels and more.

Because no two clients are the same, our expert team will work with you to understand your grounds maintenance requirements. We’ll undertake a full survey, allowing us to craft a maintenance plan that takes into account the features and challenges of your particular environment.

We’ll also make sure we have a clear understanding of your own preferences. What sort of impression do you want visitors to have when they first arrive? What do you like most and least about your grounds at the moment?

Professional and flexible

With a grounds maintenance plan in place, our expert, uniformed team will perform regular tasks as required. Working to a schedule that fits your requirements and offering flexibility where you need it, we’ll keep your grounds in tip-top condition – ensuring an environment you can really be proud of.

Grounds maintenance services include:

Lawn mowing

Pod Landscapes Grounds Maintenance teams have all the equipment to mow areas including sports fields, cemeteries, motorway verges and communal grassed areas. We have the facilities to collect grass and dispose of either on or off site.


Certain areas of grass can be hard to do but our Grounds Maintenance teams are experienced staff who are trained in strimming anything from an overgrown garden to large property maintenance. They use personal protective equipment and the latest noise emissions and vibration reducing machines. We also carry out ground clearance including brushwood cutting and litter clearance. Every individual project is carefully surveyed and risk assessed before any work commence.

Hedge cutting

Hedge cutting to a high standard requires expert precision from an experienced operator. We can cut most types of hedge rows, including Hawthorn, Holly, Beech, Privet and decorative garden varieties. We can provide a hedge cutting service to keep your field margins and hedgerows neat and tidy. Hedge cutting is usually carried out towards the end of the growing season, but if you have a specific event requiring your hedges to be trimmed and tidied sooner, then contact us and we can advise.


Everybody loves a green healthy-looking lawn and a well-cared for lawn sets the perfect scene for the rest of the garden. Pod Landscapes offer a wide range of Lawn Care services that include scarifying, feeding, mowing and laying turf.   As experienced Lawn Turf Suppliers, Pod Landscapes offers you many decades of experience in supplying and professionally laying high quality turf for a variety of commercial and domestic customers. This means that we can answer your questions and advise what is suitable for your project and offer advice on aftercare. Pod Landscapes professional lawn turf laying and turfing service will provide you with a great looking, hard wearing lawn that is great for outside activities, children or socialising in the Spring and Summer.

We can help you decide when the best time to lay new lawn and whether to choose a quicker fix of turf, or take the time to grow grass from seed.  People who take pride in their outdoor spaces generally want a lush, green lawn during the spring, summer and early fall. The look and feel of healthy grass cannot be beaten, and one of the key steps to achieving a lawn that looks like it came straight out of a home and garden magazine is appropriate seeding.


Lawn seeding can be done by a anyone, but it is more effective and successful when completed by a professional lawn care company. A professional will be able to tell more about the content of the soil and what types of grass will grow well in an individual yard, considering sunlight, shade and other factors, than a homeowner.

The first step to seeding a lawn is to determine what type of seeding is needed. Some lawns need all-over help, and others need care in patches. Lawns can become thin and patchy in places due to cold or too-hot weather, insects and diseases in the grass. These lawns can be seeded sporadically to achieve re-growth in areas where additional help is needed. Spot seeding can be used to fix areas that have been worn down by repeated traffic and patches that have died.


Planting (soft landscaping) is like putting oil to canvas for us and painting a picture. It is the icing on the cake for any outdoor space we landscape and no outdoor space is complete without it.  The Pod Landscapes team not only enjoys and takes pride in the quality finish of the hard landscaping within your commercial outdoor space, but takes pride in complimenting it with soft landscaping.

All our plants are sourced from local family run nurseries, where we are guaranteed service and quality that we can pass on to our clients.  We are experienced and knowledgeable in providing your outdoor space with planting that will work in accordance to your soil type, aspect (North, South facing etc.), give you all year interest and fit your required tastes without using a planting plan. Please note: This is generally advisable for small outdoor spaces only.

We will prepare all areas for planting, select all planting and then bring them to your outdoor space, placing them out for you to see. Once you have seen what we have done and you are happy with the overall look, we will plant everything in situ.

It is the planting that truly brings your new garden to life. We have a passion for and deep knowledge of plants, their colours, textures, perfumes, habits, and the everyday requirements they need to thrive in your particular outdoor space. The planting in your new outdoor space will be beautiful and stylish in response to your preferences for atmosphere, outdoor space usage, length of flowering season, specific colour palettes and future maintenance.

Weed control

Invasive weeds are a fast growing problem for landowners and managers throughout the UK. Across commercial land, areas earmarked for development, public spaces and even water courses a range of plants are taking over, growing to the preclusion of our natural species and changing the way our native landscape should look. Weeds can be ugly, disruptive, and damaging, causing real harm to your landscaped grounds. Over time, they can also cause costly damage to hard surfaces such as paths and driveways.  Staying on top of the problem can require significant, ongoing efforts.

Our weed control services combat pervasive and invasive weeds of all types. We apply the latest tools, technologies and techniques in a way that’s tailored to suit your environment, whether that be a business park, sports field or some other surroundings.  We offer a  one-off weed control service which is a good way to clear troublesome areas or eliminate long-standing problems. However, our ongoing weed control services are the best way to eliminate weeds initially and then ensure further issues are addressed swiftly.

Before implementing any weed control measures, we’ll perform a full survey. This makes sure we understand what issues we’re facing and what work is required. We can then tailor a weed control programme to fit your specific circumstances.  Once we’ve identified the best weed control measures for your grounds, we apply them carefully and responsibly. We take the greatest care when eradicating weeds and comply with all relevant legislation.

Leaf clearance

Pod Landscapes can leaf clear as part of regular grounds maintenance or as a one off visit. We can clear the leaves from your paths, grassed areas, gravelled areas, patios etc. Leaf clearance is most popular in the Autumn during leaf fall. Leaf clearance is particular important for commercial customers where paths, drives, car parks etc must be free of hazards. Leaves that have fallen can cause hard standing areas to be slippy if not cleared promptly. Why should you clear leaves? There are a few reasons why leaf clearing should be done regularly. A thick layer of decaying leaves will stop the light getting to your grass and also the worms will love it! In turn the worms will eat the leaves, pull them below the ground and consequently put casts all over the surface. Snow may turn the leaves on your garden to mush, so act now to minimise damage to your lawn.

Jet washing

We can remove dirt, grime, oil stains, algae, moss, weeds, chewing gum and much more from your block paved driveway, concrete or patio.  So, if the area around your premises needs high pressure cleaning or jet washed, we offer a fast, friendly and professional service.   As pressure cleaning can make such a difference to the look of the area it can be a sound investment. So, if you need an area to look like new again then call for our pressure washing services. It can help to rejuvenate your area, transforming the appearance. Patios and paths can become increasingly dangerous and unsightly if not attended to, especially during the winter months due to algae.

Winter Services

Because snow and ice are hard to anticipate, trying to deal with them in-house can be frustrating. If you decide to err on the side of caution then you can end up spending time and money on unnecessary precautions. If you don’t take action when you should, the consequences can be severe.

Our winter services relieve you of this burden, by placing us in control of your cold weather preparations. We track and monitor expected ground temperatures across the south and east of the UK. If it appears temperatures are approaching levels at which frost and ice will appear, our cold weather response teams are deployed to affected clients.

We’ll carry out gritting, de-icing and any other winter services previously agreed with you. In most cases we do this overnight, to maximise protection and ensure you’re able to continue normal operations the following morning.

Because we rely on accurate ground temperature measurements, our winter services are only triggered when there’s a high likelihood that you actually need them. This controls your costs by reducing unnecessary winter work, and means you don’t have to worry about maintaining staff on standby ‘just in case’. We’ll have it covered.

Winter services services include:

  • Gritting
  • De-icing
  • Snow clearance

Click on the images below to view some of our previous work.

POD Landscapes have looked after the Grounds Maintenance in the Trinity Gate residential complex for the last 8 years. The scope of work covered has included all types of grassland management, shrubs and herbaceous borders, inspections, replanting, winter maintenance and keeping the standard of our premises to the high level our residents expect.

During all the time they have been working with us, we have had an excellent working relationship with them. They have delivered very good value for money across their services and they have been flexible and approachable in response to changing times and needs.


– Simon Cobbold, Building Manager, Trinity Gate, Guildford.

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